Responsive Web Design

One site for multiple devices

Responsive Web Design makes one single site accessible from all devices including PCs, Laptops, iPhones, iPads, Android Phones, Smartphones, and tablets or tabs. These sites can be browsed from anywhere in the world.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design is a design and development technique that creates a site or system that reacts to the size of a user’s screen.

Responsive Web Design will optimise a user’s browsing experience by creating a flexible and responsive web page, optimised for the device that is accessing it.

Responsive Web Design benefits

Increasing your reach to tablet and mobile audiences

Traditionally web users would be re-directed to a device specific site (e.g. mobile), but responsive design means one site can be implemented across devices.

Increase sales and conversion rates

Responsive Web Design removes some of the barriers that having multiple sites can present, i.e. in functionality, performance and consistent look and feel. Consistent user experience have a positive impact on your conversion rates.

Increase visibility in search engines

Google suggest that mobile optimised, responsive web sites are featuring prominently in localised search results. This is obviously a huge advantage over non responsive web sites.


Responsive web design allows you to stay ahead of the trend. As the demand for media rich mobile Internet and apps is burgeoning, several important implications must be addressed; development and maintenance costs, visibility in search engines and better conversion rates.

With the increase in Tablet sales and smartphone device use exploding, responsive web design is key to keeping up ahead of your competitors and establishing market share; content consumption on mobile devices will only continue to increase in the future.


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